Let me and my team introduce you to new clients!

Spray Tan Social - Katie Quinn's Spray Tan Social Media Management

You’re a beauty professional. You are NOT a social media expert, nor do you want to be.

You know there are ways to use social media for your business better than you already are, but who has time to learn how? Or to implement what you learn?

You’re afraid to hand over control of your Instagram account to someone else, and that’s understandable! People can be careless with login details, and mistakes can happen. Plus, it can be so expensive…

RELAX…We do NOT post on your behalf. We do NOT pressure you into changing the way you post.

You do NOT have to change a single thing that you already do!

We simply find potential clients in your area, who are interested in the services that you offer, and introduce your business to them.

There aren’t any high pressure sales, just gentle introductions, referrals, and interactions.

If they like what they see, they’ll follow you.

If they like what you offer, they’ll book an appointment with you.

No more cold calls, no more mailers, no more networking events.


Our team is set up to work 24/7, which is something that nobody can do by themselves.

We believe that beauty pros should be focusing on what matters most: the clients who are right in front of them. Let US help you get new clients, while you take good care of the ones you ALREADY HAVE.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a social media service to populate your account with as many followers as possible. We are in the BEAUTY industry, and know how to find local potential customers interested in YOUR SERVICES. Our time is focused on introducing your account to these potential customers, not just growing your numbers with followers who may or may not be real accounts.

Your Cost:

- $100 setup fee (includes first month of service)
– $35/month service fee

Cancel ANY TIME for ANY reason!