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I've always dreamed I'd be able to raise my son myself!

I owe this all to my career choice.  Believe me, I did the 40+ hour weeks in the corporate world, and the bottom line is that it just didn't work with my LIFE GOALS.

Being able to be my own boss, and SET MY OWN SCHEDULE has allowed me to raise my son myself, instead of having him raised by nannies and babysitters.

Today, I love sharing what I know with OTHER moms who are passionate about their families, and still want to contribute to their household's income!  NOTHING makes me happier than hearing that one of my students gets to spend less time in an office, and more time with her kids!

I've made it super easy to get started, too!

I've designed programs for new artists looking to make the transition into spray tanning, cutting out all of the extra noise that's online, and keeping everything simple and concise to work with even the busiest of schedules.

I also have advanced programs to teach contouring techniques, giving established spray tanners the boost they need to offer upgrades and add-ons to their everyday spray tans.

I've been spray tanning for more than 13 years.  I mean it when I say that it's a PRIVILEGE to be able to share everything that I learned along the way, getting me where I am today!  I don't want you to have to spend 13 years learning what I could teach you in days.

There's no reason why you can't start offering beautiful, professional spray tans THIS MONTH.

You don't have to have it all figured out to move forward, you just have to take the first step!

You only live once.  CONTOUR!

Victoria's Secret Show Lead Body Makeup Artist and Tanning Expert Katie Quinn

Katie Quinn Expert Spray Tanning and Contouring Artist

  • Salon vs. Mobile Compressors
  • Airbrush Guns
  • Air Hose
  • Spray Tan Tent
  • Hair Caps
  • Mole-blocking Tool
  • and everything else!


The Art of Airbrush Tanning

Katie Quinn’s original spray tan tutorial book, designed to teach both amateur and professional airbrush tanners how to master the beautiful art of airbrush spray tanning. Even if you’ve never held an airbrush gun before, this book will help you find that confidence and skill needed to apply the perfect, custom airbrushed tan. Read more...

Contouring for Airbrush Spray Tanning

Isolate and ENHANCE muscle definition, making it appear that your clients have logged extra gym time with just a few quick sprays! Provide contours for the ultimate abs, firm glutes, and everything else, all using your airbrush gun! We’ve done the hard work, perfected on the pros, and KNOW WHAT WORKS.  Read more...

Get on the Beauty Map!

Save time and money, setting yourself up with free tools and processes that work FOR YOU after hours, constantly upping your ranks in search engines and social media, while you spend your time focusing on what matters most – customer service! It's like you’ll have your own virtual support team, working ALL day and ALL night!  Read more...

Spray Tanning 101

In just 50 minutes, with the RIGHT teacher, using REAL people, you can learn how to spray tan, develop your own style and make your clients feel BETTER about themselves. This is NOT a glossed over video of processed models being made even more flawless – it’s a concentrated program for spray tanners who are serious about their work, with REAL body types as the focus.  Read more...

Complete Contouring Academy

CCA is a program that shortens your learning curve, giving you access to over 13 years of Katie's work and the same techniques and methods that have made Katie and her students CRUSH IT every day. Don’t miss cornering the market in your area, and earning the undying loyalty of your clients by offering something UNFORGETTABLE! Be a part of this program, and step up your career FOREVER. You only live once. CONTOUR!  Read more...